Error "␣ is undefined" when pressing SPC SPC

When pressing SPC SPC quickly on macOS, which-key doesn't recognize the second SPC sometimes, and the error "␣ is undefined" is displayed on the status bar.

This problem is due to a keyboard settings on macOS that add a period with double-space.

Mac keyboard preferences

If you don't use this feature, disabling it should fix this issue. Otherwise, add the following overrides to your settings.json as a workaround:

"vspacecode.bindingOverrides": [
        "keys": ["."],
        "name": "Commands...",
        "type": "command",
        "command": "workbench.action.showCommands"

, cannot find previous match

The default VSpaceCode configuration overrides , as a shortcut for the major mode; therefore, the key , cannot get back to the previous match after a find f{character} with Vim.

In order to remove this major mode shortcut, remove the following section from your settings.json:

    "before": [","],
    "commands": [
            "command": "whichkey.triggerKey",
            "args": "m"

Alternatively, you can change the shortcut key by changing "," in "before" to other keys.

Unresponsive menu activation

If you press <spc> on a buffer and the which-key menu doesn't appear immediately, you might have one of the following problems.

Conflicting vim binding

If in your settings.json file you have a vim binding that starts with <spc>, vim will wait for the second input when <spc> is pressed.


"vim.normalModeKeyBindingsNonRecursive": [
    "before": [" ", "d"],
    "after": ["d", "d"]
    "before": ["<space>"],
    "commands": [""]

In order to solve it, remove the conflicting vim bindings from your settings.json completely, or use the VSpaceCode's overrides instead.

Virtual Machine or slow hardware

If you are working on limiting resources consider using VSCode remote

Other conflicts

Try to remove all the extensions except the ones installed by VSpaceCode, and clean your settings.json and keybindings.json files in order to spot some weird conflicts.

Known Issues

  • File browser (bound to <spc> f f) doesn't have a button to open local file with VSCode Remote