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This extension is published as an extension pack, i.e. it installs all the necessary extensions for the best-of-the box experience. However, if you do not like the bundled extensions or you are not using VSCode Vim, please go to the vscode-which-key extension for a standalone which key menu function.

After the installation of the VSpaceCode extension, a notification will help you to configure both the necessary settings and user bindings.


By following this automatic procedure, the formatting of settings.json and keybindings.json may be lost. If you want to prevent this, you can choose to follow the manual configuration below.

Manual Configuration (optional)

The settings.jsonc and keybindings.jsonc in the repo contains the configurations needed. You can merge them manually to your user's settings.json and keybindings.json.


You can access your user's settings.json and keybindings.json by searching Preference: Open Settings (JSON) and Preference: Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON) in the command palette (Ctl+Shift+P)

The following commands can be accessed through command palette to rerun the automatic configuration step.

  • VSpaceCode: Configure Default Settings and Keybindings

    This command will run the below two commands and is also the command that runs on the welcome notification

  • VSpaceCode: Configure Default Settings

    This command will merge the necessary settings to your user's settings.json

  • VSpaceCode: Configure Default Keybindings

    This command will merge the necessary key bindings to your user's keybindings.json