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Menu Customization

There are two ways to customize the menu: incrementally, and from scratch. Incrementally is great for when you only need to modify a few bindings from the default. Customizing from scratch is great for total control of the customization.

Default bindings#

See Default Keybindings for default bindings.


The default menu bindings are subject to change before 1.0.0. If you find something that you think it should bind to a particular key by default, or you want a particular command, please open an issue as a feature request.


Using this option will allow to you surgically update the default bindings (vspacecode.bindings). The extension will override bindings sequentially base on vspacecode.bindingOverrides.


The following json will replace <SPC> g s in the same position if the binding exists in vspacecode.bindings, and append s to menu <SPC> g if it doesn't exists. This override will only execute if <SPC> g menu exists. An optional position key can be used to specified index of where the item should be inserted/moved to.

{  "vspacecode.bindingOverrides": [    {      "keys": "g.s",      "name": "Go to line",      "type": "command",      "command":"workbench.action.gotoLine",    }  ]}

The following example will replace/append the whole <SPC> g menu with one binding s in it.

{  "vspacecode.bindingOverrides": [    {      "keys": "g",      "name": "Go...",      "type": "bindings",      "bindings": [        {          "key": "s",          "name": "Go to",          "type": "command",          "command": "workbench.action.gotoLine",        }      ]    }  ]}

If the key binding's key uses character . like <SPC> e ., you can target that by using an array in the keys like "keys": ["e", "."].


Any negative number in position is denoting a removal operation. In the following example, any item bound to <SPC> g s will be remove.

{  "vspacecode.bindingOverrides": [    {      "keys": "g.s",      "position": -1,    }  ]}

From Scratch#

To customize the menu items from scratch, you can override the menu completely by putting your own vspacecode.bindings into your settings.json. Using this option will prevent any update to your own bindings.

An example of a settings.json file that overrides space menu is as follows:

{  "vspacecode.bindings": [    {      "key": "f",      "name": "File...",      "type": "bindings",      "bindings": [        {          "key": "f",          "name": "Open file",          "type": "command",          "command": "workbench.action.files.openFileFolder"        },        {          "key": "i",          "name": "Indentation...",          "type": "bindings",          "bindings": [            {              "key": "i",              "name": "Change indentation",              "type": "command",              "command": "changeEditorIndentation"            },            {              "key": "d",              "name": "Detect indentation",              "type": "command",              "command": "editor.action.detectIndentation"            }          ]        }      ]    }  ]}

The default value can be found in the contributes.configuration.vspacecode.bindings.default section of the package.json in this repo. You can use the default value as an example to craft your own custom menu.