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Key bindings name adopts spacemacs/emacs convention. Here you can find the corresponding terms in VSCode:

windoweditor group

Common Major Mode Key Bindings

The following formatting bindings should be offered in all major modes that uses language server protocol.


Key BindingNameCommand
m = =Format region or buffereditor.action.format
m = bFormat buffereditor.action.formatDocument
m = BFormat buffer with formattereditor.action.formatDocument.multiple
m = cFormat changeseditor.action.formatChanges
m = sFormat selectioneditor.action.formatSelection
m = SFormat selection with formattereditor.action.formatSelection.multiple


Key BindingNameCommand
m a aExecute code actioneditor.action.codeAction
m a fExecute fix actioneditor.action.quickFix
m a rExecute refactor actioneditor.action.refactor
m a sExecute source actioneditor.action.sourceAction

Go to

Key BindingNameCommand
m g dGo to definitioneditor.action.revealDefinition
m g hShow call hierarchyreferences-view.showCallHierarchy
m g iGo to implementationseditor.action.goToImplementation
m g rGo to referenceseditor.action.goToReferences
m g sGo to symbol in bufferworkbench.action.gotoSymbol
m g tGo to type definitioneditor.action.goToTypeDefinition
m g IFind implementationsreferences-view.findImplementations
m g RFind referencesreferences-view.findReferences
m g SGo to symbol in projectworkbench.action.showAllSymbols


Key BindingNameCommand
m G dPeek definitioneditor.action.peekDefinition
m G hPeek call hierarchyeditor.showCallHierarchy
m G iPeek implementationseditor.action.peekImplementation
m G rPeek referenceseditor.action.referenceSearch.trigger
m G tPeek type definitioneditor.action.peekTypeDefinition