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This section contains additional config that might be helpful beyond the default bindings.

Quick Window Navigation#

To navigate all the windows including slide and bottom pane with Ctrl-h/j/k/l, you can merge the following config system's key bindings to your keybindings.json file.


This config might be in conflict with "Easy List Navigation" below.

[    {        "key": "ctrl+h",        "command": "workbench.action.navigateLeft",        "when": "!inQuickOpen && !suggestWidgetVisible && !parameterHintsVisible && !isInDiffEditor"    },    {        "key": "ctrl+j",        "command": "workbench.action.navigateDown",        "when": "!inQuickOpen && !suggestWidgetVisible && !parameterHintsVisible"    },    {        "key": "ctrl+k",        "command": "workbench.action.navigateUp",        "when": "!inQuickOpen && !suggestWidgetVisible && !parameterHintsVisible"    },    {        "key": "ctrl+l",        "command": "workbench.action.navigateRight",        "when": "!inQuickOpen && !suggestWidgetVisible && !parameterHintsVisible && !isInDiffEditor"    },    // Quick Navigation for diff view    {        "key": "ctrl+h",        "command": "workbench.action.compareEditor.focusSecondarySide",        "when": "isInDiffEditor && !isInDiffLeftEditor"    },    {        "key": "ctrl+h",        "command": "workbench.action.navigateLeft",        "when": "isInDiffEditor && isInDiffLeftEditor"    },    {        "key": "ctrl+l",        "command": "workbench.action.compareEditor.focusPrimarySide",        "when": "isInDiffEditor && isInDiffLeftEditor"    },    {        "key": "ctrl+l",        "command": "workbench.action.navigateRight",        "when": "isInDiffEditor && !isInDiffLeftEditor"    },]

Easy List Navigation#

Although VSCode Vim already bound these to h/j/k/l, however, they might not work in all lists like in the problem pane. You can merge the following keybindings to keybindings.json to bind ctrl+h/l/j/k for those situations.


This config might be in conflict with "Quick Window Navigation" above.

[    {        "key": "ctrl+h",        "command": "list.collapse",        "when": "listFocus && !inputFocus"    },    {        "key": "ctrl+l",        "command": "list.expand",        "when": "listFocus && !inputFocus"    },    {        "key": "ctrl+j",        "command": "list.focusDown",        "when": "listFocus && !inputFocus"    },    {        "key": "ctrl+k",        "command": "list.focusUp",        "when": "listFocus && !inputFocus"    }]

Rebind action menu for file-browser#

File browser, which is bound to <spc> f f by default, binds ctrl+a to open an action menu; however, ctrl+a can be used move the text cursor to the front. Your can merge the following example keybindings to keybindings.json to use ctrl+o instead of ctrl+a in the file browser to open an action menu.

[    {        "key": "ctrl+a",        "command": "-file-browser.actions",        "when": "inFileBrowser"    },    {        "key": "ctrl+o",        "command": "file-browser.actions",        "when": "inFileBrowser"    }]

Execute key combination or vim command#

You can execute a vim command (e.g. :noh) or a key combination (e.g. y y) from the which-key menu by using the vim.remap command from VSCodeVim. The argument of vim.remap is specified by the "args" field.

Execute vim key combination#

If the "args" field contains the after key, the vim key combination specified in the value will be executed.

The following example json overrides <spc> y to execute vim keys of y y.

{    "vspacecode.bindingOverrides": [        {            "keys": ["y"],            "name": "yank",            "type": "command",            "command": "vim.remap",            "args": {                "after": ["y", "y"]            }        }    ]}

Execute vim command#

If the "args" field contains the commands key, the vim and vscode commands specified in the array will be executed.

The following example json overrides <spc> c to execute the vim command :noh and the vscode command editor.action.codeAction with { "kind": "refactor.extract" } as argument.

{    "vspacecode.bindingOverrides": [        {            "keys": ["c"],            "name": "Custom cmd",            "type": "command",            "command": "vim.remap",            "args": {                "commands":[                    { "command": ":noh" },                    {                        "command": "editor.action.codeAction",                        "args": { "kind": "refactor.extract" }                    }                ]            }        }    ]}

Colorize pair brackets#

VScode 1.60 added built-in support for colorizing pair brackets. See High Performance Bracket Pair Colorization.

Side by side comparison with bracket pair colorization on and off Bracket pair colorization can be enabled by setting "editor.bracketPairColorization.enabled": true. All colors are themeable and up to six colors can be configured.

Use non-character keys#

See in Which Key

Display menu with a delay#

See in Which Key

Style the menu with Customize UI#

See in Which Key